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sarahrooie's Journal

22 February 1988
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sarah. ninteen. stereotypically pisces. york based, london bred. english and philosophy student. music obsessive who appears to be rather snobby about the music she listens to. writer who gave up writing. foreign movie buff who can't speak a word of any other language. except merde. compulsive traveller. tends to hate those 'myspace bands'. and myspace in general. even though she has a myspace. that she does update. impressive cd collection. but therefore spends money on nothing else. pretends to be cool but might be a bit of a sci-fi geek. recovering buffy fan. used to write roswell fanfiction. still gets sent forbidden planet catologues. and watches doctor who. a lot. although may be due to crush on david tennant. which isn't understood by most. people don't understand my crush on al pacino either. they do understand the crush on hayden christensen. and james franco. and alex greenwald. although he does look a little dirty. but loves blackblack. and loves diva dompe. maybe more than alex greenwald. which isn't really expected by most. due to this love for blackblack and the like tends to spent far too long on thecobrasnake. although does hate stupid scenesters. but at least they aren't on myspace. loves cancelled television shows. wonderfalls. freaks and geeks. life as we know it. all left us too early. thumbs up for 'modern literature'. bret easton ellis. donna tartt. zadie smith.

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